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Tsars Village Treasure

2009 - Theo Fabergé

Tsars Village Treasure

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Theo designed the TSARS’ VILLAGE TREASURE to celebrate the establishment of this most beautiful of architectural and domestic creations ’ the Tsars’ Village, just outside St Petersburg. As we approach the year 2010 we prepare to celebrate the tercentenary of the foundation of this imperial idyll just outside the former Russian capital.

The crystal for the Clock is mouth-blown in amber crystal. To the base are applied two Russian Imperial Eagles and a miniature crown from the Romanov Dynasty. To the centre, a clock, its face embellished with Theo Fabergé’s signature and surrounded by armorial decorations derived from a panel in the Amber Room in Peterhof. To the reverse, a replica Prussian coat of arms also originally created in Baltic amber. To the top, Tsar Nicholas 11 in officers’ uniform, on horseback and faithfully modelled in gold and silver.

The Tsars’ Village Treasure will raise funds for the restoration of the Tsars’ Village and in particular of Alexander Palace.

Theo Fabergé’s creation is an enduring tribute to the magnificent Romanov Village and to the culture, which created it. 300 years after the foundation of Tsarskoye Selo, this echo of history and culture is expressed in timeless style, and rendered by Theo Fabergé whose illustrious grandfather Carl held the warrant for the Imperial Court and created the most fabulous objets d’art and jewellery in the history of the civilised world.

Edition of: 30 Worldwide
Measurements: Height 195mm
Materials: Amber crystal, sterling silver and 18 karat gold

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