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Trilogy Jewel Box

2007 - Theo Fabergé

Trilogy Jewel Box

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Theo Fabergé's TRILOGY JEWEL BOX is crafted in makah burl, with luxuriously lined jewel compartments. The burl wood grows on a makah tree, and its irregular nature allows it to exhibit a strong, decorative grain. Expertly cut, joined and polished it is interspersed here with panels of hand-painted fine bone-china.
The art of ceramic hand-painting is one of refined dedication, involving the application of colours which look entirely different in their initial state, to how they appear after being high-fired into the ceramic glaze. Here our artist depicts on the cover of the Jewel Box a still life incorporating a pineapple, a succulent peach, a bunch of grapes and a thrush's nest full of eggs.

Open the box, and your surprise is revealed on three hand-decorated panels; an opportunist mouse eats the grapes, the thrush eats the pink peach and a crafty lizard steals the eggs!

The three scenes explain our title 'Trilogy', and one of the eggs bears Theo Fabergé's personal monogram. Your individual key and silken tassel secure this gem of artistry allied with the rare, polished burl - a perfect adornment for a special gift, representing the opportunities of life.

Edition of: 20 Worldwide
Materials: Makah burl wood and ceramic.
Measurements: Length 170mm, Width 130mm, Height 63mm

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