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2014 - Theo Fabergé


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Theo Faberge’s trips to the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, and in particular in 1993, always stimulated his design concepts, and inspired him to design an egg to be used for the 250th Anniversary of the Hermitage Museum.


The pale blue guilloché enamelled egg reflecting the River Neva that flows past the Hermitage, is held aloft by three Atlas statues, just like the portico to the Little Hermitage. Two of the Atlas statues can be seen from any direction.  The Egg is offset with the Romanov crown inset with a cabochon ruby. To the front of the egg is the monogram and cypher of Catherine the Great, set with diamonds, while on the reverse is the double headed eagle.


The surprise on opening the egg, Catherine the Great’s Coronation Coach in silver, gold, enamel and diamonds. This surprise follows Theo’s Celebration Egg created in 2001 with the surprise within of the English Coronation Coach.

Edition of: 93 Worldwide
Measurements: Height 205mm
Materials: Sterling silver, 18 karat gold, metals, enamel and cabochon ruby

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