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Grand Duke Egg

2003 - Theo Fabergé

Grand Duke Egg

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Theo Fabergé hand-turned the shell of a Banksia Nut, characterised by its fascinating natural piercing and rich colouring, to explore further his celebration of the senses.
Lacquered and adorned with 18 karat gilded bezels, the Egg is surmounted by a finial set with a cabochon ruby. The foot is ornamentally turned on Theo's Holtzapffel lathe dating from 1861.

On opening the egg, the surprise is revealed as a pierced and turned vinaigrette, containing and releasing the fragrance Special No. 127. Theo's only daughter Sarah selected this fragrance with J Floris of London who designed it in 1890 for the Russian Grand Duke Orloff.

Edition of: 150 Worldwide
Materials: Banksia Nut, 18 karat bezels and cabochon ruby.
Measurements: Height 160mm

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