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Tremblant Eggs

2014 - Theo Fabergé

Tremblant Eggs

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Theo Fabergé’s love of his garden led him to design a Collection of three Tremblant Flower Eggs.  His choice of daisy, buttercup and violet were all wild flowers growing in his garden and the fields beyond.


Each Egg is hand cut and decorated with 24 karat gold, acts as the vase for the tremblant flowers.  Each flower is hand cut from natural gemstones and set with a brilliant cut diamond.  The stems of each flower are in sterling silver and 24 carat gold.


The surprise: the flowers will sway in a gentle breeze.

Edition of: 750
Materials: Crystal, 24 karat gold, natural gem stones, diamond and sterling silver
Measurements: Height 185 - 195mm

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